SDA was established in partnership with SMS GROUP-Hong KONG, which has over 25 years of experience in the food processing sector in Europe, America, and Far Eastern countries.

The SMS Group embodies companies which operate in different branches of industry; poultry, olive oil, mining, construction and the newest one is dried fruit.

We constantly strive to function more efficiently and effectively. All group financing, auditing and consultancy services are provided by the SMS Group.

Our Vision

First, your health is our priority so we constantly strive to function more efficiently and effectively. Then, innovation is the other fundamental element to touch people’s life. We always work hard to provide this in the very best form with the advanced technology.
We don’t produce what your child can’t eat.
What we do is to provide people with the experience of good quality of life and joy of eating with our safe and delicious dried fruit and healthy snacks.

Our Mission

Our main goal is to provide the highest quality dried fruit to customers and retailers all over the world.
We care about people, that is why we produce and provide the safest form of fruit for them.
We would like to expand this motto with real and natural products. We guarantee the quality and assure that will go on as long as people taste our products.